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Sunday 9 October 2005

From: Mike Fonfe

Received by: Email.

Lanchester School Hold Mufti Day for Sri Lanka Swimmers

Many thanks to Headteacher Sue Williams and the students of Lanchester School for holding a non-uniform day at their school in order to raise funds for the Women’s Swimming Project in Weligama. Very few people can swim in Sri Lanka and most of those who drowned in the tsunami were women and children. The donation is very welcome and will be used to help Sri Lankan women who are unable to travel from home to get to their swimming lessons. Most Sri Lankan women do not swim because there are no facilities with the necessary privacy from public view. Aid Sri Lanka and the Women’s Swimming Project have secured a small, secluded pool in a coconut plantation and are training up women to eventually become swimming teachers. Every donation advances the number of swimming teachers in Sri Lanka who, in turn, will reduce the number of Sri Lankans who drown, at present 1,500 each year.