Aid Sri Lanka Foundation

Aid Sri Lanka's Emergency Response Team

A large number of international and Sri Lankan volunteers were involved in Aid Sri Lanka’s work in the aftermath of the disaster. The Foundation is grateful for all their assistance.

Based in Sri Lanka:

Tom Armstrong, Sam Clark, Mark Shandur, Hanako Watanabe, Cedomir Mitrovic, Tom Parker, Pippa Farrugia, Tony Joy, Didier Guillemard, Sidney Anstee and Doug Brain.

Tom Armstrong and Sam Clark have been based in Sri Lanka since spring 2004 and had been setting up a Sri Lanka travel and tourism business. Now, along with the help of Mark and many others mentioned here, they have formed the aid foundation and put their recourses at its disposal.

From Sri Lanka:

Samantha, Jayantha, Weerasooriya Mama, Podi Jayantha, Panni Abeysinghe, Kumar, Puse De Silva, Jayatissa, Sudu Malee and Zamson Mahatia.

UK Based team:

Esme Clark (UK based charity leader), Dan Tilley & Ed Broome (web site programming), Greg Tilley (web site graphics and design), Marsha Shandur and Natasha Ward.

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Cedomir Mitrovic

Panni Abeysinghe

Doug Brain

Dr Pippa Farrugia

Podi Jayantha

Puse De Silva

Sam Clark

Tom Armstrong

Dr Tony Joy

Weerasooriya Mama

Mark Shandur

Hanako Watanabe


Sidney Anstee