Aid Sri Lanka Foundation

Siri Peracom Pre-school

This project provides assistance to a poor rural school by helping to complete the library the parents have been building for nearly ten years.

Siri Peracom is a small village in Sri Lanka’s Rural Dry Zone. The local school has limited resources and the parents wanted to improves the facilities by providing a library. Most of the fathers work in small scale paddy farming and the mothers work in cashew nut farming. Their incomes are very small, leaving little money after the daily essentials are bought.

Using whatever spare money they had the parents bought bricks and other building materials for the library and after nearly ten years had completed the shell of the building.

With funding from Sibford School in the UK this project provides the materials to complete the building works, provide the furniture and purchase the books.

With Aid Sri Lanka delivering the materials to the site, the parents and teachers will undertake the works in order to complete the library.